FREE!  This handout explains the cognitive moral dilemma teaching format in greater detail and should be downloaded and read with any purchase of our other dilemma lessons.

Morality plays a part of everyday life, and yet teachers struggle with how to not inculcate their own moral code upon their students. This teaching strategy will give students the ability to consider all points of view, and articulate their moral choices with one another.

The teaching of cognitive moral dilemmas will provide teachers with the structure needed to allow students to debate and view alternative viewpoints.

This teaching guide provides a detailed description of Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory and definition of cognitive moral development, detailed instructions for using this lesson format, and a guide for constructing your own.  It also has a sample moral dilemma you may wish to use with your classes, too.

  • Subject Areas: Social Sciences, Sciences, Humanities, Government
  • Materials Required: Whiteboard or display
  • Time Needed: Typically an entire class period