Always a fun activity for students, this culminating activity simulates the analysis of an archaeological dig on an imaginary island thought to be Atlantis.

Students may work in groups or independently as they write an essay using deductive inferences.  Essays are then shared in a “read-around” activity.  This lesson packet contains all you need to run the simulation, with directions and step by step guidance for the read-around activity, too, plus additional resources that may be used as extensions of this lesson.

Atlantis typically takes most classes two full periods to complete in addition to a homework assignment.  It may take three to three and a half class periods if the writing is done completely in class.

Please consider adding a good introductory lesson to making deductive inferences by using our “The Flowers of Guatemala” lesson.

  • Subject Area: History, Social Sciences
  • Materials Required: Printed handouts, optional need for a whiteboard or display, too
  • Time Needed: Two full class periods, plus homework, or three in-class work days total.