This free teaching guide provides details about using instructional simulation games. In simulation games, students may role play being legislators, mayors, parents, national leaders, Civil War generals, or even criminals. The designer builds the game so that the player can experience some of the everyday responsibilities, decisions, rewards, and pressures found in a slice of historical or social life, whether it is of the Congress, the family, or a small economy.

This teacher’s guide provides reasons for why you should include simulation games in your curriculum, and details about how best to teach with them.  Please feel free to share this guide with others.

We sell several simulations that pair with this free guide.  Please be sure to check out the following lessons plans:

Our culminating activities of Atlantis and the Who Killed Caesar? Murder Mystery Party are also hybrids of simulation games.

And coming soon, a Simulation of Congress, and a Simulation of Bunker Hill.